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Mechapinoy's Events

I. Contest Objective
Build your “Final Battle in the Final War” unit, with all weapons and armor attached.

II. Contest Rules and Regulations
1. Open to Mechapinoy modelers. Bandai Gunpla model kits in ALL SCALES, including SD, are allowed.

2. Full modification of the kit is encouraged. Arm it, paint it, and weather it (weapons and armor add-ons and modifications must be carried/attached to the unit)!

3. No dioramas or vignettes, plain flight stands or undetailed/unpainted Bandai Action Bases are allowed. If you will paint the Action Base, then it must be in a single, solid color - no shading or weathering.

4. Judging will take into account the “feasibility” factor of the unit in battle. Geek talk comes in. Judges’ rulings will be final.

III. Criteria for Judging
1. Basic Assembly Skills (absence of mold lines, flash, inappropriate gaps, proper parts alignment, completeness, absence of excess adhesive marks) — 30%

2. Painting (smooth paint texture unless for obvious reasons, absence of overspray, brush streaks, complete paint coverage, color line separation from masking/brushing/spraying, overall color combination) – 30%

3. Detailing (includes parts modifications, paint detailing like shading and paneling, weathering, proper decal/marking positioning and usage) – 20%

4. Feasibility (Science fiction application: Will it match against the others in battle? Do the armor add-on parts and weaponry serve a hypothetically practical purpose, and can be held or attached without overuse of anime physics? Think about the “world view” of Gunpla Beginner's G. Is the model impressive? Does it appeal to the audience? Does it look good from all angles and distances (The model may look good from a distance but turns out ugly at close-up)? – 20%

IV. Exact Date and Time for Awarding and Judging
- To be announced, but definitely within the month of July, to make way and give contestants time for the Bankee Nationals, also.

For more details and list of winners please visit Mechapinoy.

Upcoming Events

The Competition will have 2 Major Categories:
1. ORIGINAL CONCEPT MODEL BUILD: Is for the builder at heart or have the courage to design / build his own original creation.
2. ORIGINAL CONCEPT GRAPHIC ART / SKETCH / DESIGN: Is for the concept artist who can come up with the best Original Concept.
The builders and concept designers can pick on this series as a draft for the design:
In-line with the storyline I am trying and finishing to conceptualize the 3 above mentioned will be further categorized in 3:
1. A Colony Mecha / Vehicle / AI Robot or drone / Soldier or Pilot: Lines or the build for this is more straight, armor / shields are more dominant and weaponry is not that advance (think of the modern war machines to date, from tanks airplanes etc.). The Soldiers are also armored but is more streamlined.
2. An Invader Mecha / Vehicle / AI Robot or drone / Soldier or Pilot: The Lines here are free flowing and organic, internals are more commonly exposed, and symmetry can be exploited. Same goes to the Pilots (think of androids). Weapons are all out Sci-Fi whatever you can think off type.
3. Mercenary Mecha / Vehicle / AI Robot or drone / Soldier or Pilot. This is a combination of the first 2 guides. (Think of it as a captured vehicle of the 2 and put a little twist of your originality into it, ex. A tribal logo, skulls on the armors or anything ethnic or out of the ordinary…without the usual identification markings…)

General Rules for the competition:
Original Concept Model Build:
1. The concept for the kit build should be original and the modeler’s or TEAM’s creation, should not resemble in any form any existing kit or art. ORIGINALITY IS THE KEY!
2. The build should require for a separate WIP thread for us to track every progress of the build. (This is very important for the later stages of the competition.)
3. The build should be in-line with the storyline / guidelines above.
4. The process of building should keep in mind parts separation. Practically on all joints, hardpoints, weapon connections, or better armor separation from the internals. This is to keep in mind casting possibilities.
5. This is all out modifications, scratchbuilding and kitbashing, you can use a vacuum cleaner and make it your own base form, it is up to you as the designer, but keeping the build as clean as possible always is a must. Go back to the basics, seamline removals, putty works, thinking of it as a kit to be produce.
6. The final output of the build should be painted. This is your design and custom so don’t ask about gundam decals and schemes…. Be Original and think out of the box.
7. The intended scale for all the builds should be in 1/20 or 1/35 and the possibility of pilots for the mecha and vehicle entries.
Original Concept Graphic / Sketches Design:
1. The concept for the graphic / sketch design should be original and the artist or a TEAM’s creation, should not resemble in any form any existing kit or artwork. ORIGINALITY IS THE KEY!
2. The design process should require for a separate WIP thread for us to track every progress of the build. (This is very important for the later stages of the competition.)
3. The build should be in-line with the storyline / guidelines above.
4. The concepts / designs can be done in any style and medium.
5. The presentation should be done in 4 views minimum for figures and Mechas Front, back, right and left view is required. Additional bottom and top detail view is needed for the vehicles. Keep in mind a 3d presentation for it to be sculpted and produce as a kit.
6. The final entry or design should be submitted in high resolution format (Further details to be announced.
7. Additional presentation as wallpaper is also required, keeping in mind the environment of the entry. If it is a pilot concept, then it should be in a cockpit seat or vehicle, soldiers or mercenaries in its respective environment for arctic / jungle / or space/. DON’T limit yourselves.

Criteria for Judging: Original Concept Model Build
1. Design and Concept------------------------------------------ 20%
2. Creativeness in the build (WIP) ------------------------------ 15%
3. Basic skills----------------------------------------------------- 15%
4. Parts Separation and-------------------------------------------15%
5. Overall buildability as a model--------------------------------15%
6. Painting---------------------------------------------------------10%
7. Presentation-----------------------------------------------------10%
Total ------------100%
Criteria for Judging: Original Concept / Sketch Design:
1. Design and Concept------------------------------------------ 30%
2. WIP Stages---------------------------------------------------- 20%
3. Presentation skills--------------------------------------------- 10%
4. Wallpaper Design-----------------------------------------------10%
5. Presentation and Final Output---------------------------------30%

The Contest Duration will start this Month of November and will end by JUNE 2012 (Exact Date in June will be announced, this will also coincide with me being in the country)
The Competition Prizes will be announced after the Major Contest this November (GBWC) for:
Best Original Concept Build Overall Winner
Best Original Concept Graphic Art / Sketch or Design Overall Winner
Winners will also be chosen per Sub-Category for Concept Build or Graphic Art / Sketch or Design:
Best Original Concept : Mecha Build or Graphic Art / Sketch or Design
Best Original Concept : Light Vehicle, AI Robot or Drone Build or Graphic Art / Sketch or Design
Best Original Concept : Soldier, Pilot or Mercenary Build or Graphic Art / Sketch or Design
Consolation Prizes will also be given. And the prizes will be a pot luck format and will grow every week to every month. So get your think tanks working and clear your workbenches for this one.





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